About Us

The Global Pay Balls Ltd. is a plastics manufacturer company, which has been established by highly skilled professionals of this industrial segment, with the purpose to fulfil the demands of a specific niche market:



Our own-made balls are sold both domestically and abroad. We export to nearly 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


The major activity of the Global Play Balls Ltd. is the production of playpenballs for playhouses, children care institutions and facilities, like kindergartens, school, child-waiting rooms etc. but the company fabricates industrial balls too, to meet the specific demands of the chemical industry, the energy production sector and the agriculture.


The Global Play Balls Ltd. is using a state-of-the-art technology for the plastics processing, which ensures the company’s leading position in this niche market segment in Hungary.

The high level automation of the production gives a solid background for the reduction of human errors, whilst helps to keep up the outstanding quality and maintains company’s overall competitiveness.


The other major strength of the Global Play Balls Ltd. is the highly skilled, creative and innovative workforce. The freshly introduced technologies and optimized working methods considerably improved the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, whilst creating an opportunity of producing real marketable products.


Product lines:

  1. playhouse balls

  1. industrial balls